Seven Gates to Freedom: Awareness and Consciousness

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Warning: this book will transform your personality.

As they say: Don’t judge a book by its cover, but how can you know if it Firmly holds your attention or interest if there is no text on the book cover? Well, this Book by Mark Karras with the author fiction name “Ayla Hesperia” will tell you his secret as to why he is still vibrant at the age of 96 (2023). This book in tandem with the author’s biography and website ( discuss “nobility” and “history,” and you will find it in a completely distinct character of the book. Also, the book highlights the principle that when the human mind assists rather than dominates the soul, the decay associated with aging slows down. Genes are not always the controlling factor. Expand your awareness and keep your youth while you age.

The book offers a novel opportunity for anyone to take up the challenge. Not only words, but also a colorful and captivating illustration conveys the book’s message. Use the illustration to help your mind travel through time and space. Leave waste and gravity behind and enter a bright and spacious world. Start now and we will meet there. Also, if for some reason the illustration generates no message, continue reading the book until you know the greater dimension in yourself. Take the journey often and feel the comfort of relief. The visual approach affords an easy and quick access at will and enhances your focus. The message conveyed is the true message of Jesus. It is there that he is found. Religious affiliation is not a requirement for reaping a benefit. The key is the universality of the notion. Every person is endowed with an exclusive privilege to rise. The issue is whether and when one wishes to engage. Neither the art nor the literature is intended to convey anything other than what is explained above. Both are meant as tools for the user’s success.

Two ways determine how the illustration is viewed and how the reader may interpret the message. A simple and clear description in the book explains how and lets the viewer extract the maximum gain. And, it is most useful to practice often in order to achieve an abiding sense of one’s place in the universe. The ultimate objective is to accept the experience as part of one’s life. It is not a mere intellectual ploy, which only ends in failure. A persistent practice endows the person with a far wider perception of life. It promotes youthfulness relative to one’s current age. The reader is introduced to the several spheres that define the expanding human awareness and consciousness, unlike the notion of parallel universes, which is static. Also discussed is physical gravity in its subordinate role relative to the far larger creative and sustaining force. 

Meet the Author

96 years old (2023) Mark Athanasios Constantine Karras, b. 1927 in Miami, FL. His parents and his other two siblings, all moved to Greece and experienced the Nazi and Fascist occupation of WWII. Upon returning to the US, he served honorably in the US Military in Japan and Germany. He attended Columbia and Miami University. and earned a BBA degree. He married and moved to Chile with his family and engaged in ranching. On the return to the US he completed post graduate studies at Miami U. and earned an MA in Economics. He then formed a manufacturing firm for soil stabilization material in road and runway construction. His Christian devotion–both grandfathers in Greece having been eminent Orthodox priests–led to his consecration in the Eastern Orthodox Episcopate in St. Damian’s Church, Newark, NJ… 

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“To appear younger: it is sad to lift the face and not the spirit; for it is spirit first.”

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