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96 years old (2023) Mark Athanasios Constantine Karras, b. 1927 in Miami, FL. His parents and his other two siblings, all moved to Greece and experienced the Nazi and Fascist occupation of WWII. Upon returning to the US, he served honorably in the US Military in Japan and Germany. He attended Columbia and Miami U. and earned a BBA degree. He married and moved to Chile with his family and engaged in ranching. On the return to the US he completed post graduate studies at Miami University. and earned an MA in Economics. He then formed a manufacturing firm for soil stabilization material in road and runway construction. His Christian devotion–both grandfathers in Greece having been eminent Orthodox priests–led to his consecration in the Eastern Orthodox Episcopate in St. Damian’s Church, Newark, NJ. His work was misrepresented by the author, publishers, and film-makers in the book and film, “The Exorcist.” He brought suit against them in the United States District Court, Southern District of Florida (Case No. 74-706-Civ-JE, Father Mark A. C. Karras vs. Warner Bros., Inc., William Peter Blatty, Harper & Row, Publishers, Inc., and Bantam Books, Inc.). These facts stay intact, despite opposing face-saving efforts. He later earned a Ph.D. from Trinity Seminary, Newburgh, IN, accredited by the University of Liverpool, UK. He was appointed Supreme Prelate of the Byzantine Order of St. Constantine the Great and St. Helen. He authored the books, “What’s in a Life”, “Christ Unto Byzantium” and “Seven Gates to Freedom: Awareness and Consciousness” referenced in NEW-BYZANTIUM.ORG/7g.htm. His doctoral dissertation is, “Leadership Style of Constantine the Great: Significance for Leadership Development in the Church” (Re: ProQuest, Catalog No. 3114803,; and Dumbarton Oaks, Washington, DC, His marriage of 66 years includes a daughter, two sons, three grandchildren. The House Lascaris-Comnenus of Constantinople anointed him with Byzantine hereditary titles of County of Ayla and Grand Duchy of Hesperia.